wafer fabrication area

Industrial cameras to increase productivity of OEM equipment

Mobile C-arm with radiologist

Cameras for medical diagnostic equipment to improve healthcare

Rescue Helicopter

Ruggedized outdoor cameras to increase the safety around us


Wafer Manufacturing
Inspection or measuring defects during production of ICs on wafers in Class-1 cleanrooms.

Mobile C-Arm
X-Ray imaging during surgeries on obese adults in the Emergency Rooms. The images are identical on all machines helping doctors make the correct diagnosis.

Nose-Mounted Observation 
Situational Awareness during live operations in security situations.


Custom Solutions

Customized application-specific, leading-edge camera solutions to meet your exact requirements. Adimec’s platform is “A Collection of Technologies” with many building blocks and reliable suppliers which allow us to build any desired camera.

Quick Camera Finder

Adimec camera portfolio.

How to Compare Cameras

This free ePaper will give you details on the difference between the camera and the image sensor and help you to compare cameras from different vendors. Download our free ePaper: Machine Vision Image Sensors vs Cameras. 

We think and do things differently

We understand that you can buy a standard industrial camera from hundreds of vendors. After many hours of system and software changes, you’ll get something that is okay for your application. When you figure in all the development time, the total cost of ownership will be much higher. At Adimec, we design and build high performance camera systems for market leaders. We address your imaging challenges to provide the right image in the right place at the right time.

Our customers don’t inspect apples,
they inspect Apples.

Our experience and expertise

Adimec's 25 years of camera design experience
Adimec's 25 years of camera design experience

30 years of camera design experience

High speed & Low power design
High speed & Low power design

High speed and low power design

Rugged design
Rugged design

Rugged design for harsh environments

optical design and alignment
optical design and alignment

Optical design and alignment capabilities

industrialization and automated production
industrialization and automated production

Industrialization and automated production

We deliver value

risk & rewardWe serve the most challenging industrial inspection markets that require reliable production. You benefit from our “One R&D Engineering Team” that develops camera systems for the most demanding applications across all three markets.

Even the largest OEMs have only one or two in-house camera experts. We really listen to your needs and become an extension of your engineering team. Aligning with you each step of the way from design to production is critical to delivering the right solution.

Our cameras are the industry benchmark for the image quality one can extract from image sensors. We are conservative in our specifications but we 100% guarantee the camera’s performance.

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