Q-12A180 CXP iss.4.0

QUARTZ series:

High speed CMOS global shutter cameras

The Adimec QUARTZ series is the most versatile line of high-performance cameras in the market, offering a wide range of capabilities for a variety of applications. Through Adimec’s proprietary True Accurate Imaging® technology applied with state of the art global shutter CMOS image sensors, the QUARTZ series delivers an optimized combination of performance and measurement accuracy needed for specific system requirements.


The QUARTZ series is ideal for metrology and inspection equipment, and for moving from 2D to 3D inspection. QUARTZ cameras can be customized to meet your specific system application and architecture requirements.




  • 4 megapixel
  • 90 fps
  • CMV4000
  • CameraLink

More specifications

The Qs camera is no longer recommended for new design in’s. For more information please contact our local sales office.


Q12A180 SpeedometerMore throughput without higher costs

The QUARTZ series of high resolution, high-speed metrology cameras enable greater throughput through increased data acquisition time and a reduced number of scan positions/images per device.

Go further with CoaXPress

Long length and Q12A180CoaXPress provides interfacing speeds beyond twisted pair connectivity options (e.g. Camera Link) and the convenience of video, power, command and control over flexible low-cost coax cables (up to 130 meters without repeaters).

Unsurpassed image quality

Q12A180 splashWith the minimal number of blemishes per individual camera through Active Sensor Control, the QUARTZ series offers the largest perfomance range results on CMOSIS CMV image sensors, as less severe corrections need to be done that can reduce the contrast range (DNR). All of the tunings involved are to guarantee the cameras consistently provide reliable image quality for accurate measurements.

Enhance the optical accuracy of your equipment

Optical path enhancement-anImprove measurement accuracy by optimizing the optical path between optics and sensor. The QUARTZ series cameras provide precise image sensor alignment and functionality for defect pixel and blemish correction. (Custom) factory sensor tuning maximizes the parameters most important for measurement accuracy. QUARTZ cameras can be provided with various coverglass options, such as specific anti-reflection coatings and removable coverglass.