Adimec through the years

1992 - 2000

1992: Founding of Adimec

Adimec was founded in 1992 by Just Smit, Bas Heijn and Jochem Herrmann

1992: TMX5

A rugged custom designed camera. One of the first cameras created under the Adimec flag.
TMX5 1992

1992: G0050

The same camera as the TMX5. Only the interface unit and sensor unit are integrated in one package.

G0050 1992

1993: VEM110

Advanced contrast module for analog cameras. Using this unit allows the user to see through the fog!
Adimec-000996 VEM110

1994: TMX-6

TMX-6 analog camera, a VGA resolution monochrome camera platform supporting PAL/NTSC!

1995: MX12P

MX12 successor in combination with AdC120 = digital output.

MX12P 1995

1996: Boston, USA

Adimec expanded into the United States and opened an office in Phoenix, Arizona to provide sales and support. In 2002, this office was relocated to its current location in Boston.
Adimec Electronic Imaging, Inc.

2000: New Adimec office

Moving to a new Adimec building at Eindhoven Airport
New Adimec building
2001 - 2007

2001: A1000

Start of the A1000-series. Production of world’s first camera with kodak 7.4 μm sensor.

2003: Deshima award

Adimec awarded by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan to Dutch companies in recognition of impressive achievements in successful business development in the Japanese market.

2003: BO Japan

Adimec Electronic Imaging K.K. was established in Tokyo Japan.

tokyo tower

2003: Jan Huygens van Linschoten award

Adimec received this award for its results in the international trade as far as ambition, entrepreneurship and innovation were concerned.
award Huygen

2006: BO AP

Adimec Electronic Imaging Pte Ltd was established in Singapore.
AP Singapore

2006: A-4050

Adimec first 4 Mpx CMOS camera running at 153 frames per second.

2006: RA-series

Based on the successful A1000 series Adimec developed a rugged version.

2007: New factory

A new wing was completed, including a new factory to give room for future growth.
Adimec new factory 2007
2008 - 2012

2008: First demonstration of CoaXPress in Stuttgart

Adimec becomes a member of the CoaXpress Consortium.

2009: PEARL series

High performance Camera Lens Assembly with excellent image quality.
PEARL series

2009: Vision award

Adimec wins the Vision Award 2009 and introduced the OPAL/CXP. First camera using CoaXPress technology.
Vision Award

2010: Q-4A180

Introduction 4 Mpx with global shutter technology and Camera Link Deca (10 taps).

2011: Innovation award

Triton Z consortium, with a.o. Adimec, wins 2011 Innovation Award.
Innovation award 2011 TritonZ

2011: Qs series

The fastest camera in the world with Camera Link base interface.
 Qs series

2011: CoaXPress standard accepted by JIIA

CoaXPress logo

2011: TMX6-DHD

Full HD rugged COTS camera with small camera head unit for easy integration.

2012: TMX7-DHD

The smallest rugged Full HD COTS camera in the world!
2013 - 2015

2013: Adimec expands TMX-DHD series.

Adimec has expanded the TMX-DHD series, a rugged and versatile line of full HD-daylight cameras TMX6-DHD), a cube outline (TMX7- DHD) and a board-level (TMX7-DHD BLC).

2013: TMX DHD series

Introduction of the expanded TMXDHD series of rugged COTS cameras for the global security market to include CMOS image sensor-based versions.

2013: Introduction of Q-12A180 at Vision 2014 Stuttgart

Q-12A180 CXP VS

2013: S-25A30 CL camera

SAPPHIRE S-25A30, a 25-megapixel CMOS global shutter camera that delivers images of 5120 x 5120 pixels at 32 frames per second (fps) with the Camera Link full configuration.

2013: QUARTZ series 2Mpx High Full Well

As part of the CAReIOCA consortium, Adimec develops a 2 Megapixel extreme high full well capacity (1600 kel) camera.
QUARTZ series 2Mpx High Full Well

2014: Adimec and partners awarded two projects…

… developing next generation image sensor and camera technologies. Adimec is a key partner in two newly awarded projects for advancing CMOS image sensor technology: CISTERN and EXIST. Both programs begin in April/May 2015 and will be completed in 2018.

March 2014: New CEOs at Adimec

Joost van Kuijk and Alex de Boer are appointed as CEOs at Adimec.
Adimec CEOs

2015: Launch S-25A70 CXP camera at ITE 2015 Japan

The S-25A70 has been designed into several instruments and is now commercially available to allow metrology equipment manufacturers to take the next required performance leap in accuracy. The new TMX55 is part of Adimec’s TMX series of rugged daylight HD (and beyond) cameras with second generation CMOS global shutter technology and throughput.

2015: 2 Megapixel CoaXPress Q-2A750-CXP camera

Adimec developed this camera for non-invasive optical imaging for cancer assessment as part of the FP7 funded CAReIOCA consortium.

April 2016: TMX50 and TMX52 launched

TMX50 and TMX52 launched are rugged extended day cameras launched at SPIE DSS show Baltimore April 2016.
TMX50 and TMX52

October 2016 Launch N-5A100 camera at Vision Show 2016

The Norite N-5A100 camera is a 5-megapixel camera with CMOS global shutter technology in a 1” optical format for developers of multi-camera systems.
NORITE series

2017: The S-25A80/CXP is the newest addition to Adimec’s SAPPHIRE series

A global shutter CMOS metrology camera. All of the SAPPHIRE cameras provide the most reliable, low power implementation for ultra-high-resolution, high-speed cameras.

July 1st : Adimec celebrates its 25th anniversary

2017: The TMX74 camera used at Le Mans race track

The TMX74 camera was used in recording the fastest ever lap run on Le Mans race track in 2017, made by Toyota and its ex Formula 1 driver K. Kobayashi.
 The TMX74 camera used at Le Mans race track

2018: Opening Business Office Shanghai China

Shanghai Adimec Trading Co., Ltd was established as 4th Adimec Business Office abroad

Shanghai China

Introduction S-50A30 camera

Adimec S-50A30This S-50A30 offers the next step in image performance. The camera offers the best sensitivity above 30 megapixel, a low dark current for applications requiring low exposure times as
well a high dynamic range

2019: Launch S-65A35 camera with GMAX3265 sensor

The SAPPHIRE 65 Megapixel camera delivers a superior performance in a 9344×7000 pixels high resolution running over 35 fps. It uses state of the art global shutter sensor technology GMAX3265.

S-65A35 Coaxpress - Gmax 3265 sensor based high resolution camera

The S-65A35 offers a high dynamic range with low noise levels and a high sensitivity.

2019: launch D-12A09

The Diamond D-12A09 GigE Vision camera delivers 4096 x 3008 pixel resolution at 9 fps with 3.45 micron square pixels.

Adimec offers the Diamond 12 Mpx camera with optimized thermal management, low power and a compact design. With the focus on temperature stability of the high sensitivity image sensor, the Diamond series is designed for low light applications where long exposure times are required without active cooling.


2021: Opening Business Office South China

Shanghai Adimec Trading Co., Ltd has been extended by a new business office in Shenzhen, South China,

Adimec Shenzen office

2021 : Adimec Q-21A230 high speed camera

Q-21A230 Gsprint4521 global shutter performance

In March 2021 Adimec launched the Quartz Q-21A230 cameras. We offer the Standard version for Electronic manufacturing applications and the Performance version for Semiconductor Metrology applications.


2022 : Sapphire S-49A35 CXP-6 camera

How does the S-49Axx compare with other Adimec cameras?

Adimec launches the new Gpixel GMAX3265 sensor based 49 megapixel camera for semiconductor, Solar panel inspection and healthcare applications.

July 1st : Adimec celebrates its 30th Anniversary

2022 : Sapphire S-49A70 CXP-12 camera

Sapphire S-49AXX cameras

Launch of the S-49A70 High Resolution Metrology camera

June 4, 2024