Our expertise and core competencies
Our experience

Adimec cameras are unique because we cross-breed innovations from three markets. We utilize the synergy between Machine Vision, Healthcare and Global Security Imaging to serve our customers in terms of speed, image quality and reliability.

“Adimec is an established leader on the cutting edge of the vision industry.” – Joost van Kuijk, CEO/CMO

Our technical expertise includes:

  • In depth application knowledge of CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Sophisticated embedded image processing
  • System interfacing via Camera Link, CoaXPress, GigE Vision and more
  • Integrated mechanical, electronics, thermal and optical design
  • Automated test setups for 100% Factory Acceptance Test

Our core competencies include:

Converting the customer’s needs into image and camera requirements to create an ideal camera solution.

  • Selecting sensors fitted for the application and obtaining full technical understanding to extract the best information and correct imperfections.
  • Producing exceptional image quality by implementing True Accurate Imaging technology in embedded camera design.
  • Applying the latest technology to allow our customers to continue technology leadership.
  • Producing robust and consistent cameras to withstand even extreme environmental conditions.
  • Maintaining thorough processes to offer dependable quality and availability.
  • Managing obsolescence to be a stable long-term supplier.


The Adimec Plant, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is responsible for realizing Adimec’s operational excellence strategy as well as developing Adimec’s newest products and features. With the foundation of the Plant, Adimec is a stable and predictable partner for customers and suppliers with delivery of reliable and reproducible products as requested.

Adimec is organized to ensure customer satisfaction by continuously supplying our standard and customized solutions via well-defined processes with excellent performance and dependable quality and availability.

Customer Service

We have provided customer satisfaction and maintained a sole source supplier position for over a decade with leading equipment manufacturers in our target markets.

Product Development

We create roadmaps derived from market trends and the latest available technology to be prepared for new solutions our customers will require in the future.

Supply Chain

We guarantee long term (5-10 yrs.) availability of existing product configurations and enable backwards compatible replacements.

Quality Management

We are a certified supplier to systematic medical and defense corporations and we maintain our Quality Management System to continually satisfy and exceed Customer expectations, to remain the most highly regarded approved supplier.

Kees Vis Compliance Officer

Kees Vis, Compliance Officer

“My role is to organize and maintain a compliance program in line with export control legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.”