White Light Metrology

High full well capacity, 2,000 kel, camera for white light metrology imaging


Accurately measure low contrast structures in bright scenes at high speeds

High full well capacity camera for white light metrology

Adimec’s high full well (HFW) 2 Megapixel CoaXPress camera (Q-2HFW-CXP)* brings a monochrome 1440×1440 resolution at up to 550 fps based on 12 micron pixels. The design of the pixels in this global shutter CMOS image sensor, CMOSIS CSI2100, is optimized for maximum full well performance.

The full well capacity (FWC) of over 2 million electrons per pixel is unique in that it is around 100 times higher compared to commonly available high speed CMOS sensor technology today (reference: 20 kel full well). This million-level electrons full well capacity per pixel results in extremely good shot noise performance of up to 63 dB SNR, makes it possible to accurately detect very weak contrast variations in bright environments. For applications requiring framespeeds over 550 fps, the camera offers ROI imaging.

The camera was developed as part of the FP7 funded CAREiOCA consortium for non-invasive optical imaging for cancer assessment. This camera has now found new applications such as:



The collaboration of Aquyre (formerly known as LLTech), specialized in the design and fabrication of FFOCT imaging devices, with CMOSIS and Adimec, who are experts in sensor and camera design, allowed breaking a major technological issue in FFOCT imaging through the development of a custom-made camera that offers a tenfold higher sensitivity than conventional cameras, at 1 kHz frame rate. This camera was integrated in the FFOCT devices, multiplying by 5 their acquisition speed and by 3 their sensitivity. Besides, the design of a new FFOCT system compatible with a probe and the efforts made on miniaturization gave rise to the first FFOCT endoscope. Read more…….

We are now exploring more applications for this camera, such as (non-destructive) interferometric optical microscopy, (quantative) phase contrast imaging, holographic imaging, 2D shot noise limited bright scene imaging, and more…

Adimec offers the camera in a low power, compact outline design, not requiring forced cooling through a fan. This provides optimal design freedom for integrating optics and placement in inspection tools and microscopes. The CoaXPress interface enables the extremely fast fame rates as well as other benefits such as long, flexible cables.

If you are an OEM and interested in exploring high full well capacity imaging with us, please contact Adimec at Strategy@adimec.com, or contact our business office in your region.