icon image sensor

For In-line optical inspection for OLED and MicroLED display-module calibration and device inspection

Diamond D-65A30
D65 en D12

Automated Inspection of Active Displays

with Increased Resolution


The quality of each display pixel of OLED and MicroLED displays needs to be both inspected and calibrated.  Adimec cameras are well suited for inspecting these ultra-high definition displays.  They offer increased sensitivity, wider dynamic range and the ability to measure with very low contrast and deep color.

Inspection Uniformity Needs


With new displays showing increasing contrast and enhanced performance in varied lighting, there are greater inspection challenges in both demura (bright) and dark conditions. Adimec cameras respond with increased sensitivity over existing sensor technologies, combined with advanced uniformity correction algorithms. A clean accurate image is generated to inspect the dark display. Bright display inspection needs are met with Flat Field Correction and Multi-exposure technology.

display inspection 2

Maximum Display Performance at Acceptable Cost


Even with OLED and MicroLED inspection challenges becoming more complex, the cost to inspect and calibrate must be considered.  Faster data transfer speeds make display manufacturing more efficient than ever. Precise image-sensor mounting and alignment allows customer to reduce mechanical and optical alignment time. Adimec cameras provide a combination of high throughput, higher quantum efficiency, and optimized uniformity calibrations at an attractive cost.

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