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Adimec’s competitive advantage is the result of combining innovations gained from a focus on leading companies in machine vision, healthcare and global security. Adimec continues to innovate and grow by creating performance-enhancing products that add value to demanding applications in these diverse markets.

Leading OEMs use our specialized cameras designed with selected sensors to produce application-optimized, clean raw images.  Adimec cameras provide increased measurement accuracy and greater throughput to meet the demands of specific Machine Vision applications.

For over two decades, Adimec has delivered large volumes of Camera Lens Assemblies to leading medical OEMs. Our highly reliable cameras produce quality images and reduce costs due to optimized design and real-time image processing.

Development of complex situational awareness systems requires full understanding of the components and their interactions. Adimec’s rugged cameras combine excellent image quality with long-term stability in harsh environmental conditions. Adimec is committed to working closely with OEMs and system integrators for the best results.

Adimec cameras are typically used in inspection and metrology systems for:
Our cameras are typically used in diagnostic and surgical systems for:
Typical Systems:
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