Three core markets served around the globe


Adimec’s competitive advantage and continuous growth is the result of combining innovations gained from focusing on leading companies in the machine vision, medical imaging and global security markets. Adimec will continue to innovate and grow by focusing on creating performance-enhancing products that add value to demanding applications in all three of these diverse markets.

Machine Vision

Machine vision

Since 1992, leading equipment manufacturers have taken advantage of our cameras which are designed to meet the preferences of specific applications to allow for better performance while also reducing costs.

Typical systems:


Cameras for the healthcare industry

For over a decade, Adimec has delivered large volumes of Camera Lens Assemblies to leading medical OEMs. These highly reliable cameras offer cost reductions because of optimized designs as well as economical image processing packages.

Typical systems:

Global Security

global security

Development of complex systems requires full understanding of the components and their interactions. Adimec is committed to work closely together with OEMs and system integrators for the best results.

Typical systems:

Success Story: ITS and GigE

Adimec uses cost-efficient but effective solution to deal with CCD smear artifacts in automatic license plate recognition systems.