Industrial in camera image processing with Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology – it’s about the recipe, not just the ingredients for the best cameras

There are no perfect sensors or components and the disturbing external conditions vary per application. Causing a difference between the reality and the representing output image of the camera. Images can be wrongly interpreted with a wrong decision as consequence.

Adimec’s success in the industrial camera market, particularly in high performance machine vision, global security, and medical imaging applications where image quality and consistency are essential, has been achieved through a proprietary technological innovation. It’s called True Accurate Imaging® and it enables us to deliver superior performance, consistency, and value for the most advanced imaging needs.

True Accurate Imaging® communicates our technological competence and determination to reflect the scene as it is truly there.

Adimec's True Accurate ImagingRead our blog post, True Accurate Imaging – in camera image processing to improve performance for more information.