CLAs for x-ray medical imaging

Cameras and camera lens assemblies for X-ray medical imaging

With medical imaging systems, there is no room for errors. The quality of the image can mean a correct diagnosis or a fatal mistake. Image intensifier based X-Ray systems continue to be relied on by medical professionals because they provide excellent image quality and exceptional value.

Adimec provides cameras and camera lens assemblies to offer unique solutions for easy integration into mobile and fixed medical X-ray imaging systems for Fluoroscopy, Surgery, Universal RF and Cardio/Vascular applications. Utilizing our experience gained from over 11,000 camera installations in radiology systems, we developed optimized functionality in a compact outline to deliver high quality 1k x 1k images at the lowest patient dose.

low dose

Excellent image contrast

With high dynamic range, high sensitivity and medical grade blemish management, our medical cameras reproduce accurate and contrast rich images in both the light and dark parts of the image.  Image processing packages can be included in our product-line of X-ray Camera Lens Assemblies with optimized functions for specific applications to deliver spot on clinical images.

Accurate diagnosis at low dose

Improved diagnosis at lower doses with high image quality

Dose saving without image quality compromise

Our camera lens assemblies minimizes the patient dose needed for reliable diagnoses through:

  • The low noise camera design guarantees quality imaging even when the Image Intensifier receives low X-ray dose-rates, thus allowing to operate at lower-patient dosage.
  • User configurable processing and instant digital rotation on images during life imaging and last image hold make that the preferred medical view is obtained without the need to re-apply X-ray to capture the image after changing processing and image orientation settings.

Ease of use

Easy system integration

For compatibility with various system requirements, X-ray generator options and various mainstream video interfaces are available off the shelf. Video interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, Camera Link and LVDS. Physical integration in your system is made simple through:

  • A small form factor camera lens implementation
  • Configurable I/O (trigger functions, command control) and dose/dose rate control interfaces
  • Available adapter plates for all popular 25 mm image intensifiers (customization possible), and
  • Factory alignment of the entire optical path for optimal sharpness and uniformity setup

Ease of Use

Many interface options and supporting tools to simplify integration and support

Installation & Field Service Support

In-camera supporting tools allow for fast and easy installation and field service by:

  • Test pattern and LEDs for fast fault finding in total imaging chain
  • Overlay for positioning and alignment on II
  • Error reporting
  • Real-time grey level measurement for automation of calibrations sequences on system level

costs effective solution

Cost Effective Solution

Embedded functions and processing reduces system costs

Fully integrated features and functions

Digital angular rotation, command controlled motorized iris and neutral density filter, Auto Exposure Control (AEC) are just some of the included functions and additional image processing packages are available.

Cost effective

Adimec camera lens assemblies facilitate reliable quality X-ray imaging in cost-effective system architectures with a compact, all-in-one solution. Embedded real-time image processing allows for simplified load on PC systems
 or even elimination of the PC in low-end solutions by direct coupling to the viewing monitor via DVI.