Imaging for life sciences

Value Based Healthcare in Clinical Diagnostics through Gentific™ cameras for Life Sciences Imaging

Healthcare is transforming. It has to. Worlds’ population is aging, leading to a consequent increase in chronic diseases and mobility impairment. Transformation of healthcare systems into Value Based Healthcare is essential to improve quality of diagnostics and increasing patient comfort, while keeping costs of care affordable.

Value Based Healthcare leads to increased reliable diagnostics and shortened diagnostics turnaround times. Adimec focuses on Life Science Imaging to actively drive innovative diagnostic device developments that contribute to improving Value Based Healthcare.

Adimec develops imaging technology that has the potential to transform diagnostics in current and future care work flows in hospitals and diagnostics labs in a cost-effective way while keeping application performance at a scientific imaging level. New diagnostics imaging typically starts with scientific cameras that offer non-limiting performance but do not meet the cost targets required to address volume application. Adimec Gentific™ cameras for life sciences targets best of both worlds: reproducible specific scientific performance at pricing fit for volume applications

Application domains include Cell Imaging (Digital Pathology), Genetics Imaging (Next Generation Sequencing (DNA), OR assisted imaging.

Adimec Gentific™ cameras support:

  • high speed – high resolution imaging, to maximize throughput at highest accuracy,
  • high full well imaging to drive innovative application development in OCT and holographic imaging,
  • sensor based multi-spectral imaging for specific feature detection and fluorescence imaging (under development)

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