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TMX DHD platform

Customized solutions

Select your ideal image sensor!

Select your sensorSelect the sensor with the ideal performance, including NIR sensitivity, for your E/O system. We offer CCD or CMOS sensor technology optimized for challenging outdoor situations.

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Select your ideal interface!

Select your interfaceA wide choice of interfacing possibilities enables easy integration and a guaranteed fit! We support HD-SDI, Camera Link, Analogue, CoaXPress, and GigE Vision!

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Select your outline!

Select your outlineGeneral purpose cameras does not always have the desired outline. Often small COTS modules are used to have a mechanical fit. Many of these small cameras have to make consessions in performance. Adimec creates the optimal outline for a perfect mechnanical fit without any concession in performance!

Select your image enhancement functions!

select your image processingIn-camera image processing enhances the images regardless of imperfect conditions, such as fog. We offer a standard set of image processing features to optimize the image to your application.

All customized solutions are:


All designs have been thoroughly developed, created, and extensively tested using the MIL-STD-810 qualification standard. Read more…

Rugged design thermometer

Short time to field

Our custom solutions are not built from scratch. We draw from a finished platform and add proven modules as needed. It saves time and gets you faster into the field.

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Support for long-term programs

With focus on long-term partnerships, we offer constant product quality through tight quality control and strict product life cycle management.

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