About Adimec

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Adimec Luchthavenweg 91 Eindhoven

We identify global strategic customers in selected market segments and work together to align our priorities and developments to match their specialized application requirements. We influence and combine available vision components with proprietary techniques for superior value and consistency (reliability and repeatability) to eliminate workarounds, increase accuracy, and provide optimal performance of image sensors for our customers’ systems.

Adimec at a glance

Adimec employees working (Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
  • structure

    A dedicated team of >130 people

    At 7 locations world-wide, >50% have an engineering degree.

  • partnering with customers

    Perfect fit into our customers’ applications

    Customer service level.

  • Innovative ideas

    We design and produce cameras in small batches

    Typical batches are between 50 and 500 cameras/year.

What we do

Engineer assembling a camera

Adimec develops and produces cameras and lens assemblies that deliver true accurate images – the exact information in the scene – for precise decision making in time critical processes. By offering modifications and customizations, Adimec cameras excel beyond general purpose products to resolve specialized and unique imaging challenges.

Adimec designs, manufactures, and markets high performance industrial cameras for equipment manufacturers in:



  • Our society will be increasingly influenced by vision based technologies.
  • Vision based technology will continue to grow by double digit numbers in the near future.
  • Optimized image acquisition is essential for our customers to maintain their competitive advantage.


Adimec provides application-specific leading-edge cameras to enhance our customers’ competitiveness in the machine vision, healthcare and global security environment.


We want to become the technological and market leader by delivering the best camera solution to equipment manufacturers who require high image quality and a long-term partner.

“Adimec focusses on OEM market leaders that use high end imaging solutions. We realize that these companies only select World Class suppliers that help them to excel in their business. That is what we like at Adimec: making our customers more competitive!”


  • We make our Customers more competitive.
  • People are the most important.
  • We are Entrepreneurs within the strategy of the company.
  • Quality is key in every aspect of our work.


  • Adimec combines a design and manufacturing organization with a worldwide marketing and a direct sales & support network of business offices in Europe, Japan, Singapore, USA and China.
  • In close cooperation with our key customers, we align and develop innovative technology for the future (roadmap sharing).
  • We retain leading industry experts in application-specific camera design and integration.
  • We develop platforms of camera families with optional additional capabilities – thus offering tailored solutions at a faster time to market with lower risk and cost.
  • We develop strategic industry partnerships to enable quick and reliable responses to market requirements.
  • We remain stable yet innovative by enriching longtime partnerships while also developing new opportunities.

“We make our customers more competitive.”