Our People


People are of key importance to Adimec


  • We respect the talents of our colleagues and support them with our own talents.
  • We help each other, and we work as a team.
  • We listen to each other and inform all levels.
  • We make sure that every employee receives recognition.
  • We coach, support and create career development.

The Founders

Just Smit

Strategic Marketing

Jochem Herrmann

Chief Scientist

The Board

Alex de Boer


Joost van Kuijk


Business Line Directors

Machine Vision

Sjors v.d. Steen

Dennis Jansen

André Jacobs

Global Security

Beerten Kleemans

Leon van Rooijen


Peter Laros

Marcel Dijkema

Business Offices


Gretchen Alper

Director of Business Development

Kathleen Dugan

Director of Operations

Christian Trinidade

Director of Sales


Satoshi Sean Ikawa

Account Manager

Masahito Watanabe

Application and Support Engineer/Technical Sales Manager

Yoko Nakayama

Sales Support/Marketing

Asia Pacific

Meng Kiang Tan

Business Line Director

Siti Suriyati Rahmat

Office Manager