Ruggedization – pushing the limits

Rugged design camerasAll Adimec rugged cameras have to withstand the harshest environments all over the world while delivering perfect images. We thoroughly analyze our cameras to verify performance, safety and reliability under environmental stresses during transport, storage and operational life of the products.

We test beyond the MIL-STD-810 standard such as using rougher storage circumstances to guarantee products for a long service life!

Extended test specifications are available in our product specification documents. Contact us for more details.

Acceleration test

We use centrifugal constant acceleration testers to check our products under extreme acceleration conditions.

Shock test

A special shock table is used to perform several shock tests. All products are verified in X, Y and Z direction.

Random vibration test

To examine our products for vibration effects, we use electrodynamic shakers for (random) vibration tests. All products are verified in the X, Y and Z direction