DIAMOND Gentific™ cameras to excel imaging

Adimec’s DIAMOND Gentific™ camera series are designed to offer an off the shelve solution for the most challenging in-line metrology and scientific healthcare image requirements.

The DIAMOND D-103A12-T, D-65A30 and D-65A09 cameras offer the next leap for ultrahigh-resolution in-line display module inspection tools. The global shutter in combination with long exposure DSNU correction allows dark and bright inspection of LED based displays without the need for complex mechanical and software system integrations to take care of the large difference in light conditions. Adimec Connect & Grab™ allows
engineers to choose a variety of frame grabbers and start system development at camera arrival.

The DIAMOND series is ideal for LCD, OLED, and MicroLED display inspection applications. DIAMOND cameras can be customized to meet your specific system application and architecture requirements.

D65 en D12