DIAMOND Gentific™ cameras to excel imaging

The D-65Axx cameras are part of Adimec’s DIAMOND Gentific™ camera series, designed to offer an off the shelve solution for the most challenging in-line metrology and scientific healthcare image requirements.
The DIAMOND D-65Axx cameras offer the next leap for ultrahigh-resolution in-line display module inspection tools. They are optimized for LCD, OLED and MicroLED inspections. For De-Mura and display pixel calibration where multiple, very uniform, images are required, the D-65Axx cameras combine 65 megapixel running up to 30 fps with a linear response. For Mura dark inspection the cameras have superb sensitivity in combination with low noise performance at long exposure times.

The D-65Axx camera series features the following cameras, each with unique characteristics to optimally fit the application:
• D-65A09-Km/CXP-6
• D-65A30-Kx/CXP-6
• D-65A30-Kx/CXP-12-T01


D65 en D12