D1.2 SWIR camera


Gentific™ cameras optimized for inline inspection between 400 nm and 1700 nm wavelengths.

Adimec’s DIAMOND SWIR camera series are designed to offer an off the shelve solution for the most challenging in-line inspection applications requiring high sensitivity above 1000 nm wavelenghts. The SWIR image sensors combined with the CoaXPress interface will greatly improve the accuracy and throughput of semiconductor inspections systems. Excellent image performance is guaranteed by optimal heat dissipation through the camera design and a custom calibrated non-uniformity correction, optionally combined with TEC cooling of the image sensor.

Typical applications for the DIAMOND SWIR cameras include wafer inspection, semiconductor micro crack inspection and semiconductor edge crack inspection.


CamerasMpPixel sizeResolutionMax FPSSensorSensor typeForm factorInterfaceStatus
D-1.2A1501.3 Mp10 μm1280 x 1024150 fpsSCD Cardinal 1280SWIR44.5 x 44.5 x 39 mmCoaXPress
D-5A1305 Mp3.45 μm2592 x 2056130 fpsIMX992SWIR44.5 x 44.5 x 23 mmCoaXPress
D-3A1703 Mp3.45 μm2080 x 1544170 fpsIMX993SWIR44.5 x 44.5 x 23 mmCoaXPress