A-1000 series high-end CCD cameras

A1000 seriesReal time, digital megapixel cameras for fast machine vision applications


Adimec’s A-1000 family of high precision CCD cameras are ideal for metrology and inspection systems that require reproducibility and repeatability . Our accurate sensor positioning and alignment reduce or eliminate the need for incoming product inspection, reduce time required for tool matching, and minimize down-time. With exceptional channel matching, the cameras provide crisp, clear images while maintaining a low noise floor and excellent linearity.

The A-1000 family of cameras are optimal for OEMs that seek to both lower the cost of integrating multiple cameras and maximize their system performance.

Available Models


Common Features

  • Camera Link
  • Monochrome
  • 1-4 MP
  • Dynamic Range: 60 dB
  • Low power consumption
  • RoHS Compliant