Tech Team

Application Support

There are many cameras and sensors in the market suitable for a variety of system environments and measurement methods. By comparing specification sheets, different cameras can appear very similar. With over 20 years of experience with camera solutions in a variety of applications, Adimec has in-depth knowledge to help you choose the camera that satisfies the image requirements for your application. If standard products do not meet your needs, we will collaborate to create the solution you want.

Sales Support

We like to make sure that when an Adimec camera is selected, it will be the best choice for the customer and its application. We obtain a detailed understanding of the required image to jointly create a solution that satisfies all aspects of the system design.

Product Support

The first line support is located in Adimec’s business offices in Europe (Eindhoven), the United States (Boston), Asia-Pacific (Singapore), China (Shanghai), Korea (Seoul) and Japan (Tokyo). The business offices work closely together and are supported by the Tech Team and the strategic marketing organization stationed at Adimec’s headquarters alongside both the development and production groups to ensure that fast and detailed responses are achieved on product functionality, performance, and system integration.

3-year warranty

All of Adimec’s machine vision cameras include an extended warranty* that ensures products delivered are free from fault in design, material and manufacturing for 3 years after delivery. We know that downtime of your machine is significantly more expensive than the cost of any one component. We offer this warranty to relieve you of at least some of the cost concerns, but also to demonstrate our confidence in the reliability of our products.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built, and most of our first customers from nearly 20 years ago remain customers today.


*when used as intended, Adimec’s standard terms and conditions apply

Nino der Kinderen

Nino der Kinderen
Teamleader Techteam – Teamcoach


“With Adimec, a local engineer is dedicated to provide the technical support required for the entirety of the partnership.”

Product Development

Q-drawWe carefully select new products that match our core competencies and satisfy our customers’ needs.

Once a project is deemed feasible and assigned, we follow a product creation process with intermediate (customer) checks to guarantee an outcome that meets the customer requirements. This method has evolved over the last 15 years to guarantee that the first batch of a released product is as well developed as the thousandth.

The process takes 1 – 14 months from project release to production depending on the complexity of the product. Every project manager abides by this procedure, so the same level of reliability and reproducibility is achieved.

Since quality assurance is built into every step, there is always early feedback and an immediate response to changes required. For instance, we utilize failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA) to identify and manage risks as early as possible. In addition, we use the Maturity Grid to track and follow up on product and production maturity issues during the creation process.

When a project moves to the next stage, a project review is conducted to evaluate the necessary product maturity.

René Elfrink

René Elfrink
R&D Group leader – Teamcoach


“People make the difference. We combine the strengths of individual specialists to create our innovative products…reliable, comprehensive, and on time.”

Supply Chain Management

At Adimec, supply chain management means more than simply controlling the supply i.e. knowing what to order and make sure that it arrives on time.  The Adimec supply chain is all about planning and communication: planning of future demand and communication between our customers, Adimec and our suppliers.

Delivery Performance

Our delivery performance is high due to our supply chain management processes for safety stock and second source suppliers.  We have involved our suppliers in our supply chain up through our customers.  We structure our production in such a way that the highest value addition takes place in the latest stage possible.  All of this, combined with continuous communication, enables us to react in a flexible manner to ever-changing customer needs.

Product Life Cycle Management

We understand that change is not always a good thing when it would impact your system consistency.  We have the least product changes through solid product life cycle management of component obsolescence.  Our thorough product development process provides a finished product right from the start of production to eliminate the need for frequent upgrades and modifications.

Jos Bellers

Jos Bellers
Director Operations 


“Once the camera solution is complete, you want to be confident that it is delivered as requested and for the length of your program.”

Lifetime Guarantee
Quality Management

When you choose a key component for your system, you want to know two things:

Will the delivered product meet the promised specifications? Is the company providing it reliable and sustainable?

Quality management is not a department but a disciplined way of working for everyone at Adimec. High product quality begins with a well-defined and reliable product design. Quality assurance is integral in our product development process. We then ensure it is maintained by integrating procedures throughout our organization with compliance to ISO 9001:2008.

When we claim 100% factory testing, we do not mean verifying that the camera simply turns on. We inspect every camera using our thorough acceptance test procedure and make any adjustments necessary to guarantee full compliance to specification. Our return rate has historically been very low, and we have a rigorous program in place for further improvement. If the need for a return does occur, we follow the Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) method to react quickly and thoroughly.

We constantly work to improve our quality as well as adapt to the latest environmental and security requirements. We have also built a solid foundation to ensure a sustainable business regardless of market changes. We have a long-term oriented, low risk growth strategy that has proven successful since 1992 as we have continuously gained market share without any drastic measures such as mergers and acquisition.

Our accredited certifying company, Det Norske Veritas, ranked Adimec highest in The Netherlands in maturity of our Quality Management Systems.

For a copy of our ISO 9001:2015 compliance certificate, please click the button below.


Martien Kloft

Martien Kloft 
Quality Manager

“Quality is lived in every aspect of the Adimec organization.”