N-5A100 NORITE Global shutter CMOS,

5 Megapixel CoaXPress camera


The NORITE N-5A100 camera is a OnSemi Python based 5 megapixel camera running up to 105 fps over a single Coaxial cable. The guaranteed throughput of 525 Mega pixels
per second makes this camera ideal for system requiring multiple cameras at high frame speeds.

Multi-camera systems using N-5A100 cameras eliminate the constraints with other Machine Vision interfaces, such as Camera Link-, USB3 Vision and GigE. The NORITE N-5A100 cameras are designed

to work together to simplify easy integration on system level and control the entire camera system through one user interface.

Technical description

  • Sensor: OnSemi PYTHON5k
  • Sensor type: True Global shutter CMOS
  • Optical size: 1” format (Ø 15.8 mm)
  • Pixel size: 4.8 μm x 4.8 μm
  • Resolution: 2592(H) x 2048(V)
  • Max frame rate: 5 Megapixel at 105 fps
  • Dynamic range: 60 dB
  • Full Well*: 10Kel Full Well
  • Power usage: < 4 W
  • Spectrum: Monochrome
  • Interface: CoaXPress V1.1.1 Single CXP3, 5 or 6 speed
  • Size HxWxD: 29 x 29 x 45 mm
  • Reduces system complexity for multiple camera vision systems
  • Defect Pixel Correction
  • Region Of Interest
  • Bond functionality
  • DSNU and PRNU calibrated corrections
  • Programmable Look Up Table
  • Digital Fine Gain
  • Multiple Trigger Modes
  • Horizontal and vertical mirror
  • Up to 4 x 4 binning
  • Frame Counter
  • Crosshair Overlay
  • Test images
  • LED status indicator

outline drawing N5A100