TMX-12 CXP SWIR camera


Rugged Coaxpress SWIR camera

Adimec TMX cameras are used in global security applications for rugged capability and reliable imaging with the aim to increase the safety around us. The camera is designed to help improve long-range observation and situational awareness systems

The TMX-12s is a rugged CoaXPress SWIR camera with the SCD CARDINAL 1280 detector. Excellent imaging performance is guaranteed by a combination of TEC cooling of the image sensor, optimal heat dissipation through the camera design and a factory calibrated non-uniformity correction which can optionally be set at a preferred temperature. The camera extends the operational envelope of SWIR imagers with exceptional low light noise performance at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. At full resolution, the TMX-12s can maintain a maximum frame rate of 60 fps with Adimec’s low latency pipeline. Three different sensor operating modes allow for ideal image quality in all light conditions.

Typical application examples:

Long Range Observation, Situational awareness.


Non-Uniformity Correction

low noise performance

Low noise performance


Laser Pulse Detection

  • SCD CARDINAL 1280 hermetically sealed vacuum metal package with TEC
  • 1” optical format (Ø 16.4 mm)
  • InGaAs Progressive scan backside illuminated Global shutter
  • 1280(H) x 1024(V)
  • 10 μm x 10 μm
  • CoaXPress 3.125 or 6.25 Gbps videostream
  • 60 fps
Dynamic range / NEE / Full well
  • Sensor Low sensitivity mode:

68.3 dB / < 300 e / 1000 ke

  • Sensor Medium sensitivity mode:

67.1 dB / < 160 e / 500 ke

  • Sensor High sensitivity mode:

49.9 dB / < 40 e / 0.1 ke

ALPD detection area
  • All active pixels 2×2 binned
Output resolution
  • Mono 12 or 14 bit
Video enhancement
  • Non-uniformity correction
  • Automatic exposure control
  • Automatic gain control
  • Automatic white balance
  • Contrast enhancement (VEM)
  • Defect pixel correction
  • Gamma correction
Power usage
  • According to PoCXP CoaXPress V1.1.1
  • Power dissipation <10 W average @ 24 Vdc
TMX-12 SWIR outline drawing
  • 135 g +/- 5%
  • MIL-STD-810G
Environmental (operating)
  • Temperature: -40°C to +71°C (with sufficient heat drainage)
  • Humidity: 88% non-condensing
  • Acceleration: 9 g
  • Shock: 75 g, 1/2 sine wave, direction X, Y, Z, duration 6 ms
  • Vibration:
    • 5 – 8 Hz: 0.0063 g2/Hz
    • 8 – 20 Hz: 0.0063 – 0.1 g2/Hz
    • 20 – 40 Hz: 0.1 g2/Hz
    • 40 – 49 Hz: 0.1 – 0.04 g2/Hz
    • 49 – 50 Hz: 0.04 – 0.01 g2/Hz
    • 50 – 2000 Hz: 0.01 – 0.000008 g2/Hz
  • Every camera is 100% tested on all specifications
  • All TMX models are customizable in the form of temperature specific factory calibrations and/or to fit functionality requirements.
  • Please contact us about your possibilities.

For documentation please contact support


HD-SWIR (1280 x 1024) for spotters zoom

TMX SWIR camera series

Equipped with a full HD sensor, the TMX-series are intended for long range imaging and integration with High Performance optics. An integration example and fit within our TMX product line is the adaptive resolution match with the Adimec TMX-55 camera, with 3.45 μm pixel pitch, with the resolution of the CARDINAL 1280 for optimal imaging on system level.

Image enhancement features

Image-enhancementThe TMX-series cameras are equipped with image enhancement functions, such as contrast enhancement. This function eliminates the effects of a hazy atmosphere due to fog and/or sunlight scattering. Even in diffused scenes where no details are visible a remarkably detailed picture is presented.

Rugged design

Rugged designThe TMX-rugged COTS cameras have been put to the test in harsh environmental conditions including shock, vibration, and wide temperature fluctuations. These solutions are fully qualified using the MIL-STD-810 to meet the stringent requirements of outdoor imaging systems. Learn more…

Compact & light design

Rugged designCustomer’s system constraints are minimized by the small dimensions and low weight of the TMX SWIR models.

Cameras are available for evaluation purposes. Specifications are preliminary, and many alternative features and configurations are available. Please contact your sales office for more information.