Technical specifications for S-50A30 CoaXPress

The SAPPHIRE S-50A30 camera offers an AMS Cmosis based 50 Megapixel resolution running up to 30 frames per second.

This S-50A30 offers the next step in image performance. The camera offers the best sensitivity above 30 megapixel, a low dark current for applications requiring low exposure times as
well a high dynamic range with low read noise which make it well suited for dark and bright field inspection. Global non-uniformities in the scene due to optics or lightning can be corrected via (multiple)
Low Frequency Flat Field Correction sets.

Typical application examples:
• Display inspection
• Semiconductors metrology tools
• Solar panel Inspection
• Areal mapping

Technical Specifications

Sensor AMS Cmosis
Sensor type CMV50000 CMOS
Optical format 35 mm
Pixel size 4.6 μm x 4.6 μm with micro lenses
Resolution 7920 (H) x 6004 (V)
Max frame rate 30 fps
Dynamic range 64 dB
Full well 14.5 ke-
Spectrum Monochrome / Color
Video Output CoaXPress – V1.1.1 CXP3 or CXP6 1, 2, 4 lanes configurable
Output Resolution 8 / 10 / 12 Bit
Power usage < 11 W




50 Megapixel Resolution



Repeatable performance



Low noise performance


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