Maximum resolution and framespeed

Features S-49A35
Sensor Gpixel GMAX3249
Sensor type Global shutter CMOS
Optical format 37,4 mm
Pixel size 3.2 μm x 3.2 μm with micro lenses
Resolution 7008 (H) x 7000 (V)
Frame rate 35 fps
Dynamic range 62.3 dB
Full Well 10.9 ke-
Power usage < 13 W
Spectrum Mono / Color
Interface CoaXPress – CXP 3/6 – 1, 2, 4 lanes configurable
Output resolution 8 / 10 / 12 Bit

The SAPPHIRE S-49A35 CoaXPress camera brings the maximum resolution of ca. 7k x 7k Global Shutter technology with the best performance available for in-line inspection. The framespeed of 35 fps makes it highly suitable for companies looking beyond 25 megapixes while maintaining an acceptable optical image size.

Adimec offers the S-49A35 in a low power compact outline, which provides optimal design freedom for integrating optics. Sensor alignment and retention is wel suited for industrial optics with large numerical apertures where focus and sensitivity over the complete image is critical.

Typical applications examples: Semiconductors metrology tools; Solar panel inspection; Medical

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