Compact & light remote head camera

Adimec now delivers the image quality of its QUARTZ series cameras in a customizeable solution for the most demanding implementation requirements. The QUARTZ with compact remote head enables True Accurate Imaging® quality and image processing for applications that present space or configuration challenges. The remote version delivers QUARTZ image performance with the flexibility you need.


  • 2 megapixel
  • 340 fps
  • CMV2000
  • Camera Link / CoaXPress
  • Contact us about your possibilities


Stretch performance

Optimize the quality of the image without worrying about space constraints. The Qr remote head ensures lower sensor temperatures, further benefiting the image quality you get with QUARTZ.

Freedom of design

Integrate the sensor the way you want. The small footprint and limited depth allows you to put the camera at virtually any angle and orientation you need. Use available lens mounts or add your own for best in class optical fits.


Stable and secure

Eliminate every vibration. Stiff Camera Link cables are unfortunately excellent vibration transmissions lines. The rugged flat flex cable eliminates every vibration from the Camera Link cables, minimizing detection errors in demanding measurement methods such as Mirau-Interferometry.

Optimal Form-Fit-Performance

Customize for your specific needs. If the off-the-shelf Qr headsaren’t exactly what you need. we’ll customize the head to your requirements, assuring optimal solutions for your application and business.