High resolution metrology camera

Q-21A230 Gsprint4521 global shutter

Features Q-21A230
Sensor type Global shutter CMOS
Optical format 29,5 mm
Pixel size 4,5 μm x 4,5 μm with micro lenses
Resolution 5120 (H) x 4096(V)
Frame rate 230 fps
Dynamic range >68.8 dB
Full Well 28 ke-
Power usage < 14 W
Spectrum Mono / Color
Interface CoaXPress – CXP 3/6/10/12 – 2, 4 lanes configurable
Output resolution 8 / 10 / 12 Bit

The QUARTZ Q-21A230 CoaXPress camera brings 5120 by 4096 high quality pixels to the image for real time metrology tasks with a reliable high speed CoaXpress data interface. With 21 megapixel resolution and 230 frames per second of measurement speed, the Q-21A230 can greatly improve the precision and throughput of your system. The accuracy of the information is preserved for each and every image by the use of Adimec’s True Accurate Imaging technique and state of the art global shutter sensor technology.
The Q-21A230 CoaXPress camera can operate in different performance modes, ranging from maximum dynamic range to high full well to maximum sensitivity. This provides easy system integration with optimal performance under various demanding conditions.

Typical applications examples: Semiconductors metrology tools; (3D) AOI in electronic manufacturing; Digital pathology.

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