D-65A30T camera


The D-65A30-T is part of Adimec’s DIAMOND Gentific™ camera series.

The DIAMOND Gentific™ camera series are designed to offer an off the shelve solution for the most challenging in-line metrology and scientific healthcare image requirements.

The DIAMOND D-65A30-T offers the next leap for ultrahigh-resolution in-line display module inspection tools. It is optimized for LCD, OLED and MicroLED inspections. For De-Mura and display pixel calibration where multiple, very uniform, images are required, the D-65A30-T combines 65 megapixel running up to 30 fps with a linear response.

For Mura dark inspection the camera has superb sensitivity in combination with low noise performance at long exposure times. The controlled sensor temperature eliminates the effect of ambient temperature fluctuations on the camera performance. The global shutter in combination with multi-exposure allows dark and bright inspection of LED-based displays without the need for complex mechanical and software system integrations to take care of the large difference in light conditions.


With these functions and in combination with a 37mm optics and a high system throughput, the camera allows a cost effective display measurement.


Adimec Connect & Grab™ allows engineers to choose a variety of frame grabbers and start system development at camera arrival.


Display Inspection