Adimec’s next generation of camera lens assemblies for C-arms in X-ray medical imaging

CLA for C-arms used in X-ray medical imaging

Adimec’s OEM Camera Lens Assembly (CLA) portfolio for medical X-ray imaging consists of the RUBY series providing 1k2 30 frames per second (fps) real-time digital imaging in Image Intensifier based equipment. The Ruby delivers quality images while reducing cost, strengthening reliability, simplifying installation, and service. Our CLAs cover dose ranges from fluoroscopy through high dose exposures.

X-ray CLA RUBY series


RUBY targets 1k2 imaging with break-through cost-effectiveness for fluoroscopy mobile C-arms. RUBY is Adimec’s new innovative CLA with CMOS sensor technology and patented “digital iris” concept.

Product configuration table

Overview of product configuration details RUBY

Dose Range [nGy/im](4 .. > TBD) (1)
Irisdigital iris
(analog+digital gain)
NDF2 set fixed NDF
service adjustable
Dose ControlABC (video) I/O
Video InterfaceGigE
Defect Pixel CorrectionYES
Clinical Image Processing
II-output Compatibility20 mm

NOTE: (1) Factory configurable via NDF

CLA Ruby exploded view

Image processing RUBY

Overview of the image processing functionality supported by RUBY

Image Correction
Defect pixel correction
based on video measurement field (user programmable)
photodiode measurement - photo timing
Not Available
Clinical Image Processing
Edge enhancement, Noise reduction, Grey invert,
Contrast & brightness enhancement, White compression
Not Available
Image Orientation
Horizontal & Vertical Flip
Real-time Digital Rotation, Zoom & Pan
at 1k2 30fps
Not Available
Image Overlay
Optical alignment support overlay
Last Image Repeat/HoldNot Available